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a mystery. Dr. Silver’s team showed that mice genetically engineered without Mfsd2a failed to transport LPCs into their brains which resulted in microcephaly. Since DHA deficiency in animals does not result in microcephaly, this meant that LPCs are critical factors in brain growth and function. Also, while it was previously believed the brain made all the
Wholesale jerseys from China fat it needed, Dr. Silver’s research showed that LPCs are transported there from the blood past the blood brain barrier. His work with Rockefeller and Exeter prove this in humans. "Our work confirms the essential role of LPCs in brain development and function in humans, and indicates that brain uptake of LPCs during foetal development and in adult life is important," said Dr. Silver, co lead on both studies, based in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Programme at Duke NUS. "Now we are studying the functions of LPCs in the brain, and the implications for application are very exciting. We might be able to develop

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